Are We Witnessing a Wellness Revolution?

For most of us, life has come to a screeching halt. COVID-19 has created a reaction within our society that should be assessed at a much...
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March 30, 2020
Are We Witnessing a Wellness Revolution?

For most of us, life has come to a screeching halt. COVID-19 has created a reaction within our society that should be assessed at a much deeper level than “Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

If we simply leave it at that, we will have missed an enormous opportunity to grow and thrive as a society.

Some will blame the virus.

Some will blame government.

Others will blame the healthcare industry.   

Everyone is looking to place blame on something outside of themselves.

That’s understandable, given the current threat. When we can’t see the thing that we’re supposed to be afraid of, we immediately look to something tangible to blame.

What are we actually afraid of?...

 The fears that I see represented most often are:

1.     The discomfort of getting the virus ourselves.

2.     The guilt of passing the virus to someone else.

3.     Worry over the burdened medical industry.

4.     How to protect ourselves and our families.

These fears are real and completely understandable. No one wants to get sick. No one wants to be responsible for infecting someone else. And we all want an effective and efficient healthcare industry.

If we look to our respected medical professionals for advice and direction on how to combat these fears we begin to see a new picture.

An opportunity.

A clear direction on how we can influence the outcome.

1.)   Take care of yourself; physically and mentally

-       Sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset & relationships

2.)   Protect others

-       Have respect and compassion for others

-       Educate and inspire others to follow your healthy example

-       Minimize exposures during times of crisis

3.)   Take personal responsibility for your impact on healthcare.

-       Become less reliant on medical services, where you can

We’ve all seen the recommendations. Most of us have considered ways that we can improve and we may have even acted on them.

How do we ensure that this ‘new normal’ becomes a sustainable, healthy and improved normal?

We can’t rely on the doctors to hold us accountable.

They’ve made the recommendations, they’ve worked tirelessly to manage this crisis.

Now it’s in OUR hands…

What are we going to do to ensure that we build strong, healthy, durable bodies and immune systems to take us confidently into the future?

This crisis has made it glaringly obvious that our world has lost its way in terms of personal and community health.

This is our opportunity to come together: To educate, inspire and thrive!

This will require a ‘grassroots’ effort with organic engagement and support.

Our doctors are our ‘Lifeguards’. They are here to save us in an emergency, to deal with significant health issues and to act in acute health scenarios.

The fitness, nutrition and life coaches are your ‘Swim Instructors’. We are here to help guide you to a lifestyle that makes you less reliant on the ‘Lifeguards’ while you’re out there swimming.

We take a holistic approach to wellness and work in conjunction with doctors, dieticians and other health experts to deliver coaching that is congruent with general health recommendations: Fitness, nutrition, recovery and accountability built into a curriculum that will lead you to a new level of personal wellness.

Best of all, this will turn you into an ambassador of fitness so that you can go out and influence others and their pursuit of a healthier life!

That’s where the Revolution becomes reality.

Written by: Ryan Swobody

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