Kayla Jones - Head Coach



I have been a part of the CrossFit community since 2009 and a part of CrossFit Marysville since 2012. I fell in love with the sport during my first trip to Sectionals in ’09 and have been hooked ever since! There is nothing quite like a place of like-minded people, pushing each other to be better than they were the day before. Quality of life and being our best self is my passion!

The move from sunny Southern California was not easy, but CFM quickly became my new home. Being on staff at CrossFit Marysville could not be more of a dream come true for me! I consider myself truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing team and to coach along side the best of the best. Everyday, I love being able to help others become the best versions of themselves as well as surpass their goals. CFM has shown they are more than just a gym; they are constantly pushing the boundaries of wellness for their members and the community!

Not much of a sports background, but I did grow up in the competitive dance world of Los Angeles, for over 15 years. Going from turns and leaps to clean and jerks may not seem like a smooth transition, but I do believe dance gave me extensive knowledge of body mechanics and body awareness that I use everyday in the gym. I’ve dabbled in quite a few CrossFit competitions over the years, but found weightlifting meets have my heart. I’ve competed in several local USAW Sanctioned Meets, placing 1st place – 10th place and all in between. I recently competed in a Washington State Body Building show. I placed 1st, earning my Pro-Card in the Figure Division, and have since retired from the sport. I found it was not for me, but I am very grateful for the all the knowledge gained from training and nutrition experience.

I love continuing my education and adding as many tools to the toolbox as I can. I have recently completed my Sports Nutrition Certification and only hope to keep expanding my knowledge and experience in the world of nutrition. So if you ever want to chat weightlifting, fitness, or food, come track me down! I am forever grateful and honored to be your coach, and promise to always bring some fun to your fitness journey!


  • CF L-1, Certified CrossFit Trainer

  • CF L-2, Certified CrossFit Trainer

  • USAW Certified LeveL-1

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • WA WEIGHTLIFTING State Champion / 69kg 2018

  • WNBF Pro-Card / Figure Division 2016

  • USAW 71kg Weightlifter

  • CrossFit Scaling Course

  • CrossFit Judges Course

  • The Movement Fix Athlete & Coach Seminar

  • Carl Paoli's Freestyle Movement SeminaR