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What Is Remedy Athletics (CrossFit Marysville)?


"This is My Heart." - Head Coach, Josh Ortiz

FeatureD Athlete - Joe Meek

One of our Lifetime Members and Inspiration to us all, Joe Meek. From break-dancing, to legless-rope climbs, Joe does it all!

Check out this video to learn more about him, and why he loves Remedy Athletics so much!

If your not sure about CrossFit. Come here! Doesn’t matter your skill or size ( I’m over 300lbs) they will work with you and make you stronger everyday! Amazing coaches and super friendly people!
— Karen R.
This box is full of the friendliest, most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life. This place is the best CrossFit gym in the world!
— Stephanie A.
Great place, all of the coaches and members are very helpful and positive. The first day I walked in I had people coming up and introducing themselves. I have been going three to four times a week now and I can already feel and see a difference in my body. I can not see going back to a regular gym again, the coaches at Remedy Athletics (CrossFit Marysville) are really great at teaching the proper technique for lifting to prevent injury.
— Richard P.
I absolutely love this place! The coach’s are amazing and always encouraging, the workouts are killer, and the people are fantastic! I have the best time working out and making friends here!!!
— Erin J.
What an awesome box!!! Had a great workout with you all tonight! Loved the People and the amazing energy.”
— Shannon T
Great experience!! Coaches are awesome, gym members are very friendly and encouraging… It would be my 2nd home if I lived in Washington…. Thanks CFM (Remedy Athletics)!
— Joe S.
I showed up 17 months ago with zero gym experience and tons of fear about what to expect. I wanted to be healthy and fit but was doing nothing about it. Today I’m committed to CFM. My experience with the coaches and community here is nothing less than exceptional. I’ve learned a ton and am far more fit then when I walked in. I feel better, have less pain, sleep better, and enjoy being healthy. I’ve made new friends and LOVE going to the gym. Thanks for everything, Remedy Athletics.
— Nik B.